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Ecommerce SEO

Several factors determine the success of eCommerce SEO. Today, the focus is on user experience. The users use the keywords to put the information they are looking for. In return, a search engine gives them the results that are closer to their search terms. Search engines consider several aspects to decide the ranking of a site. Fast loading sites and sites that are compatible with different viewing mediums can rank high. Ecommerce SEO has become more complex these days making it the job of professionals who are always on the move catching up with the emerging trends. When you have decided to implement a solid SEO plan on your eCommerce site, you are on the royal road to fetch more traffic and more sales on your site. The first step to a solid SEO mission that can give you the desired results is to get YeoWorks eCommerce SEO that has accomplished several high-end SEO projects and produced tangible results.

Ecommerce Dev

The online marketplace has witnessed a heavy rush today with the inflow of several new businesses that wish to take advantage of the immense business opportunity over there. In every industry segment, we find a lot of businesses jumping in and making fat profits. However, the success of a eCommerce site depends on the quality of the customer experience it can assure. Ecommerce sites must be built on good platforms that support the different business functions in an effective way. Right from finding the products under different categories to completing the sales, the users look forward to hassle-free shopping online. The more the customer satisfaction, the more sales on an eCommerce site. Get YeoWorks eCommerce development to create and manage successful eCommerce stores.

Programming Languages and Tools


Founder - April 2006 - Present

Website Developer for Wunderman Memphis and Charity Ann Williams WordPress CMS

  • Responsive design that worked on legacy browsers
  • Theme installation through dashboard
  • Use of “Advanced Custom Fields” and “Page Builder by SiteOrgiin” plugins
  • META tags to make legacy IE browsers use EDGE and viewports
  • WordPress installation on Pantheon
  • XAMPP Sandbox WordPress installations for testing and review
  • Adding custom PHP code for sections
  • Website Navigation
  • Post and Pages for the projects

Checkster and SkyPray mobile cross platform applications

  • Front end built using Apache Cordova using Node.js and other version of application built with Codename One
  • jQuery Mobile Framework
  • Back end built using Tomcat to use Java Servlets to communicate with the SQL database, handle image transfer, and other application needs

Lead technologist for Phoenix Exteriors Restorations projection

  • Development of website (using Apache Tomcat), database, and Facebook page
  • Graphic designer for UI
  • Facebook Page API implementation for website and external services
  • Company email setup, backup, importing, and forwarding using Zoho
  • Google Reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) collection and implementation

BASH Developer for YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions

  • Developed the small nautilus-script based solution application that provided one-click ‘solution’ for a raft of Ubuntu issues. This application was published on OMG! Ubuntu.

Full stack developer (contractor) on BTS Memphis project

  • Apache configurations for security and routing
  • PHP and MySQL Database Photo-gallery (e.g. Hilton, Hampton, Embassy Suites, and more) and security management
  • Lead graphic designer and web developer

Full stack developer (contractor) on Edit Sweet! project

  • PayPal integration (PHP)
  • Booking calendar development (PHP)
  • Flash implementation of 360 site look
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Graphic Designer (contractor) on WKNO project

  • Provided match angle designs

Graphic Designer (contractor) on NSRA project

  • Brainstormed and designed their billboard ad


Senior Marketing Technologist - May 2013 - Present

Full stack developer on DataMart project

  • Helped setup the Google Cloud Platform Instances and SQL
  • Lumen (Laravel) PHP framework application implementation through Composer
  • Creating Lumen Controllers and Services
  • Introduced phpseclib for efficient SFTP services
  • Lumen scripts to query GCP SQL to generate CSV files
  • Excel to SQL implementation
  • API (Google Analytics, Facebook, and more) to GCP application implementation
  • GIT repository setup and helped manage the repository

Full stack developer for Centene project

  • Salesforce connected app implementations
  • Writing JavaScript scripts and ion Integrations to work with Centene’s Salesforce APEX REST API (e.g. getting Tokens, setting up APEX REST endpoints, posting JSON to APEX REST API to create leads, etc.)
  • Tech QA for making sure full integration worked and leads posted through successful
  • Lead developer to setup Salesforce integration with client’s India tech team

Graphic designer and full stack developer on UPMC project

  • Responsible for full development of website front-end and back-end functionality.
  • Main graphic designer for website
  • Revamped their entire UI on my free time and later sold the design to the client
  • Converted desktop and mobile site into a responsive website using Twitter Bootstrap

Full stack developer for projects on ion Interactive

  • Built ion .NET frameworks (e.g. C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS (heavy with special properties)
  • API integrations for projects
  • Email campaigns
  • Litmus email testing for campaigns
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks designs
  • Converting Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to HTML and CSS
  • Website widget development
  • Project brainstorming

Marketing Technologist for Wunderman Memphis projects

  • Lead for finding digital solutions for projects
  • Writing business justification documents for devices, applications, services, and more.
  • Brainstorming and implementing tracking solutions for website projects
  • Client consulting to find best solutions to reach their goals
  • Developer training on used platforms
  • Developed 100+ dynamic JavaScript widgets that are on over 2100+ creatives
  • Working within cloud services (e.g. Citrix)
  • IBM Coremetrics integration
  • Smart address field project that used Google’s Geocode service through JavaScript to return data to auto fill forms with address information.
  • YM|U Tracker that used Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and ion Console to cleverly track user interactions
  • Lead for the KBMG Funnel project (PHP) that was a digital sales funnel to map sales prospects. Responsibility were the following: Discuss with multiple teams; take existing paper funnels and turn the digital; wire-frame and graphic design the project; full web development and database of the project; training of the project; and more
  • Lead for the DART project (PHP) that was a Dashboard Analytics Resource Technology
  • Lead for the Zipline (Humana) project. This project used a data management platform to recognize familiar visitors and route to different experiences based off of gender, age, and behavior data. This program is written using JavaScript and ECMA Server Scriptlets

V2 Media

Full Stack Developer - May 2012 - September 2014

During my time at V2 Media, I did Vector/Pixel graphic design, billboard design, audio/video conversion, LAMP (Linux, APACHE, MySQL, and PHP) development, built a database driven photogallery system with PHP/APACHE security, built a PayPal production suite calender scheduling system with Cron Jobs, and project brainstorming. May 2012 - September 2014

Gas Freedom Club

Vice President and Full Stack Developer - May 2009 - September 2011

PHP, MySQL, PayPal Integration, message system, graphic design, and more for Gas Freedom Club's Multi-level Marketing project.

U.S. Security

Billing Officer - November 1998 - Present

For U.S. Security, I did the following: QuickBooks desktop and online setup, backups, and management; file cabinet organization; updating client information; billing back up management; invoice and proposal creation (Microsoft Office and LibreOffice); collections; and redsigned the company logo and letterheads.